Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get on the "Write" Career Track with an Online English Degree by eLearners

For all the parents out there disappointed that their children opted for a liberal arts degree in English or writing instead of a more lucrative career can now rejoice at the decision. Today's knowledge-based economy and Web 2.0 environment clamors for excellent written and verbal communicators with these degrees.

Content is king--whether it is blogs, wikis, social media, website content, eBooks or technical writing. Businesses are seeking good writers in greater numbers as their marketing increasingly relies on technology that is desperate for content. From freelance writers, editors and publishers to medical writers, IT writers, bloggers and public relations specialists, today's organizations need the talents of those with a liberal arts degree to create and manage both internal and external communications activities.

Just as technology has enabled writers with English degrees to take on work in new ways, allowing for more freelance home positions, as well as expand their clientele internationally, so, too, have online universities enabled more people to advance their writing careers through an online bachelor degree in English or online master's degree in English.

An online degree in English provides writers with an advantage with employers who seek candidates with a higher echelon degree. This is because employers want candidates who are tech-savvy in terms of using the Internet, knowing how to create and manage a blog or other social media format and understanding how marketing and business works on the Internet through search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, and other Web 2.0 functionality.

While traditional English degrees in a brick-and-mortar setting may not have yet added classes on these real-world writing applications, an online university has already adapted its accredited online English degree program to address these new aspects of a writing career. In this sense, an English degree online can better prepare students or professionals who want to add a new skill set to their creative capabilities.

Online universities offer a number of online English degree programs to choose from, including B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing as well as B.S. degrees in Communication and Technical Communication. Additionally, writing professionals can also seek an online master's degree in English to gain a deeper competitive advantage among the growing crowd of writers that are pursuing the wide range of writing and editing jobs offered by entrepreneurs, corporations, academic writing companies, publishers and outsource content companies. Online universities are here to help you select the right online English degree to get you started on the "write" track.

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