Saturday, April 18, 2009

Considering Location When Choosing US Universities For Foreign Students

By Nick Sanders

After considering the reputation of the University of your choice, the second most important consideration you should do when selecting US universities as a foreign student is the academic institution's location. You may look at the simple geographical site of the university.

Ideally, you should choose universities that are very near or proximate to major US cities. Such universities will be more convenient. If you aim to stay in a dormitory on campus, make sure it will not take long to get to the nearest convenience store or other basic commercial sites. If the university's location is not ideal, do not risk going there. Go back to square one and find another university.

When looking at a university's location, see and find out about its basic geography. In doing so, you will be able to determine the prevailing climate or weather that is dominant in the area. Regions in the northernmost areas of the US are usually very cold. Those in the south are temperate and more ideal. Thus, universities in the south are more conducive for studying.

After looking at the weather, location of the university will also tell you more about the cost of living in that particular area. Steer away from universities that are located in areas that are known to have high costs of living. Among the most expensive states in the US are New Jersey, New York, Florida, Maryland, California and Washington. The less expensive ones include North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas.

Universities in expensive states are normally and logically implementing and collecting higher fees. It is estimated that charges and expenses in such universities are 20% more than how much they really and actually should be. As you aim to apply for a student visa, decide first where you want to study.

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