Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The CLEP Examination - The Key To A Faster Degree by Speedyprep

The CLEP exam is a computerized testing approach that determines a college student's proficiency in a given subject area. The competency of the college student is measured by their score on the clep examination, which is timed. Each of the multiple choice questions has 5 possible answers. The number answered correctly is carefully analyzed to determine if the student has an equivalent knowledge level of a student who passed the corresponding college class.

Scores vary from 20 to 80. The American Council of Education (ACE) recommended passing score for the majority of the clep exams is score of 50 or higher. However, each college or university has the right to determine the score at which they will accept the test as college credits. Due to differences in the acceptance of clep exams for college credit, it is important to check with a guidance counselor regarding a specific learning institution's clep policy.

Although there are over 2900 colleges and universities currently accepting clep credits, each learning institution has the right to determine which subjects are accepted as credit and what score is required for credits. Prior to studying for a CLEP exam, it is highly recommended to meet with a guidance counselor for direction.

clep exams typically cover lower-level classes that would be taken during the freshman or sophomore years. Passing scores on clep exams allow college students to quickly progress through their degree program and graduate quicker. Many students are able to finish college 1-2 semesters early with the help of clep exam and a good online clep preparation system!

Another advantage of the clep exam is the substantial cost savings. Most college students can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with each clep exam they successfully pass. Most of the time, the total costs associated with a clep exam are less than one college textbook! An online study program, such as SpeedyPrep, costs only $9.95 to start studying and $23.95 for subsequent months. The actual cost of the clep exam is only $70! When you compare these expenses to the average cost of college tuition, the savings are obvious.

clep exams typically utilize a computerized testing environment at one of approximately 1500 testing centers. Each exam is administered in a proctored environment. The exams are multiple choice and timed. Upon completion of a clep exam, the proctor will inform you of your grade. The proctor will provide you with an official computerized score sheet and forward the score to the selected college or university.

There are many online CLEP prep programs in addition to the traditional college textbooks. One such program, SpeedyPrep, offers clep prep programs for many of the most popular clep exams. The SpeedyPrep system utilizes an online learning system that monitors students' progress and informs each student when they have reached a level of learning that will result in a passing score. The price for the SpeedyPrep system is $9.95 for the first month and they even guarantee a passing score!

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